Maximizing Dental Insurance Benefits

October 27, 2017

Tips to Maximize Your Dental Benefits

Dental benefits are designed to provide you with assistance to pay for your dental care. If you have dental benefits, it is best to consider maximizing them to your individual needs. Here are a few tips to help you maximize your benefits; which will end up saving you money in the future.

Use it – or Lose it!

Most insurance plans have an annual maximum amount available that does not roll-over into the next benefit year.  Ask us about any unused insurance benefits and/or unused Flex (FSA) or health savings (HSA) benefits you may have remaining. Most insurance plans run on a calendar year (January-December) however some run on a fiscal year. Be sure to know when your benefits renew, and take advantage of it!

Know the “Ins and Outs”

Knowing your dental plan and its limitations prior to receiving services can often prevent unexpected expenses. Take the time to read through your member benefit breakdown – it’s worth it! Patients can track claims and their remaining benefit dollars online. We work with dental insurance on a daily basis, and we do our best to understand your plan which allows us to provide you with an accurate estimate and schedule your appointments within frequency guidelines. However, it is unrealistic for any dental office to track this with absolute perfection.

We can be a wonderful resource and often help answer questions regarding your insurance. However, contacting your insurance Customer Service Department directly with specific questions is also a great option for receiving answers on-the-spot. Some important things to know about your plan:

  • Your annual deductible amount
  • Your annual maximum benefit
  • The number of cleanings covered per year
  • The number of exams covered per year
  • How often X-rays are allowed
  • The number of fluoride treatments covered per year

Ask about Special Treatment

Dental plans offer coverage for a variety of procedures. Some plans offer additional cleanings when a patient has periodontal disease, Type II Diabetes, kidney disease, and cancer to list a few. Studies reflect a strong biological connection between oral health and overall health. Regular dental visits that are often covered at 100% by your insurance can help prevent serious issues down the line. Also, taking care of needed dental treatment today can prevent the need for emergency visits, which could lead to missed time from work and school increasing out of pocket costs. It is important not to delay necessary treatment, as the longer you wait, the worse things will get.

Request a Preauthorization

Although this is not a guarantee of payment, it allows us to obtain the most accurate estimate prior to completing treatment.  A pre-authorization through your insurance will also notify us of any limitations, waiting periods, or maximum benefits reached.

See an In-Network-Provider

Going to a dentist that is in-network with your insurance plan will provide the ability to maximize your benefits. Some dental plans have multiple networks, and your dentist may participate in all or only some of them. Ballard Dental Arts is in-network with almost all insurance plans. We strive to provide quality, comfortable dentistry at an affordable price and want to allow the opportunity to best utilize your dental insurance to meet your specific oral health needs.

Keep it Current

In order to provide you with the most accurate benefit information we need to have your current dental insurance on file. If you switch jobs or insurance plans, please be sure to notify us immediately. Having your dental card on-hand is always helpful for us in the verification process. This allows us to retrieve current benefits and calculate accurate estimates for any treatment needed.

Don’t be a Stranger!

Overall, our primary goal is to provide you with the highest quality dental care possible. Our schedule fills up quickly towards the end of the year, because other patients will try to maximize their benefits before the new year just like you! Please keep this in mind, ask questions, and book with us in advance. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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