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Office Manager
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Hygiene Coordinator
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Treatment Coordinator
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Treatment Coordinator

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Patient Coordinator


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Karen Tinker
Expanded Functions Dental Auxiliary
Melissa Gusaas
Expanded Functions Dental Auxiliary
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Seattle Dentist , Ballard Dental Art Team
Seattle Dentist , Ballard Dental Art Team


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Ballard dental arts team, Seattle

Karen Tinker - Expanded Functions Dental Auxiliary

I am a mother of two children, Courtney and Eain. I also have four grandchildren, Alex, Jade, Christian, and Violet. I spend the majority of time with my boyfriend, Joe. We love to travel.

As an Expanded Functions Dental Auxiliary (EFDA), I am the one who will take your impressions. I have more than 25 years of dental experience since graduating from Spokane Community College with a certificate in Dental Assisting. In 2016, I returned to school to train for my EFDA license, and since receiving my license, I have worked with all of our dentists.

I love all of the assisting team here at Ballard Dental Arts and enjoy working with our expert dentists too. I really enjoy being creative and restoring teeth to their optimal state. But my favorite thing is to catch up with my patients and chat about their lives. As a positive and fun person, I love to build strong relationships and help patients enjoy their visit.

Away from the office, I enjoy hiking, exercise, traveling, and spending time with my wonderful family. My kids and my grandkids are my inspiration as I see them overcome their own challenges every day.

Melissa Gusaas

I have been a dental assistant since 1999 and originally started in Endodontics, which I did for more than 18 years. After a while, I realized I wanted something more and found the MOST awesome place, Ballard Dental Arts!

I actually first became interested in dentistry when I had my wisdom teeth pulled at 19 years of age. I was fascinated with what the assistants were able to do, and the rest is history.

As an assistant, I get to work with amazing people and have found the saying, “your environment makes you” to be extremely true. The people around me constantly make me better and provide the best support.

I try to pass this onto our patients through empathy and make it a goal to make your experience the best possible.

Outside the office, I spend lots of time with my family and enjoy life. I hope to one day go to Hawaii; it’s my dream!

Tanisha Lewis


Friendly and comforting staff at Ballard dental arts, Seattle

Stephanie Norcott
- Dental Hygienist

“Growing up between sunny San Diego and the vibrant lights of Las Vegas instilled in me a love for diverse communities and a dynamic lifestyle. Now, I call Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood home, where I found the perfect blend of both.

My journey to dental hygiene began at Ballard Dental Arts, where I discovered a passion for oral health while visiting as a patient. To pursue this calling, I leveraged my Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Nevada Las Vegas and became a dental assistant in 2019. I furthered my education by obtaining an Associate’s Degree in Dental Hygiene from Pima Medical Institute in 2022.

As a hygienist, I’m passionate about empowering patients to achieve healthy smiles. I collaborate with them to create personalized oral hygiene routines and recommend in-office treatments to prevent gum disease and cavities. My friendly and compassionate approach prioritizes building strong relationships and making every visit comfortable.

When I’m not helping patients, I find joy in cultivating my city-sized garden and exploring the outdoors with my husband and two kids. Whether it’s a walk with my two dogs or a board game night, I cherish creating lasting memories with my family. Summers are for adventure – camping trips, beach excursions, and cycling explorations.

Linhphuong-Tran, Ballard dental arts, Seattle

Linhphuong Tran
- Dental Hygienist

I live in Forest Park with my husband and daughter. I really enjoy living near Seattle and the various seasons it has. I obtained an Associate Degree from North Seattle Community College in 2006 and graduated the Dental Hygiene Program in Seattle Central Community College in 2008.

I chose dentistry because I have a lot of siblings in the medical field and wanted to explore something new in healthcare. I found dentistry and love to help people save their teeth. In fact, the best part of my job is helping patients change their dental health for the better through improvements over time.

Outside of the office, I love yoga, biking, swimming, and eating Asian food. I also like cooking and preparing yummy homemade lunches in the morning.

Jennifer-Porter Ballard dental arts, Seattle

Jennifer Porter
- Dental Hygienist